Personal debit card designs


I was thinking to make the cards better maybe is to try have where you can have your own image on your card?


Yes this is definitely a great idea! :smile:


Or even a more professional looking card. The current one is a bit, errr… unpleasant looking.


My photo on my card, no thank you. Gave up carrying photo id when I retired. I think the current minimalist design is excellent and so much better than the competition. Only improvement I would make would be to print Debit on it as some small merchants that do not accept Credit Cards check for this text in order to decide whether to accept the card or not.


Uhm, no, have you seen the peronalized cards where it has just one big picture on them of a dog or cat etc type design, basicly thats what I’m on about shown below


My card says Prepaid on the back. Isn’t this the same?


Nothing on the back of mine. Just pre paid @Simon1? Debit on the front as all other debit cards my friends have is what I meant as this is where merchants expect it to be.