Personal accounts transparency


In Slovenia we need to report open personal bank accounts to the government.
As soon there is a record of the account on your name you have to report it.
In the app there is no section that would show the status of your personal accounts - especially historical data - when was the account opened, when it was closed, etc.

I couldn’t get this information from support either. The answers were to look in the app and they could not provide me with the dates when the accounts were opened.

There should be some email confirmation when opening an account in the first place, and with the details of the account you’re opening.

Now with new T&C (haven’t read them yet so I haven’t confirmed them) the personal accounts show as inactive again and I wonder if they will be the same as before or will I have to report new ones.

Please make information regarding personal accounts more clear and detailed.


Revolut is regulated differently. With Revolut, you’re technically not opening a bank account but an account with an e-money licensed company. I don’t know anything about the situation in Slovenia but maybe requirements for these kind of accounts are different?


This is not the issue here (and yes, we specifically need to report these accounts).

I’d like to know what accounts I have or had opened on my name, when were they opened/closed. Shouldn’t be too hard. Hopefully this data exist somewhere.