Personal accounts in different countries


At the RevRally in Oslo back in February we were told that during March revolut would release personal Norwegian accounts. Now it’s April so I might think that this will be a “soon” product as well as some other products in the pipeline.


Anything new here @AndreasK @JessicaZ Might have written it in the in-app but they seems to have enough to look at.


Hi Ivan. The team is working on it as we speak. The plan is to roll out personal IBANs for more currencies as soon as we possibly can. Stick with us and exciting things coming :wink:


I’m pretty stuck with you already​:grinning:. As far no big issues and what you deliver now is “need to have” the rest is just “nice to have” from my point of view :+1:


And now March has turned into April and April into May. Still no personal account. Seems like you weren’t that close to close it when it was announced in the beginning of February. I’ll just keep waiting.


Hello Ivan,

A credible source at Revolut told me that “Nordic IBANs have been delayed because we don’t have back end developers available. Best estimate is late summer but we really don’t know at this stage. Similar with US launch this will also occur sometime in the summer”.

This is a shame, as I was also waiting for my personal Norwegian account.


so maybe…


And soon March will approach. Still waiting for personal account here in Norway. @AndreasK🤔