Personal Account - transaction details, please?


Obviously I’m one of the few who could make a SEPA transfer to the new personal EUR account.

I read that it’s now possible to receive SEPA transfers from anyone knowing my personal IBAN - what an improvement!

When receiving money from different sources, it would be very useful to have not only the name of the sender (plus amount) displayed in the app, but also their account details (like IBAN). Tapping on “statement” - generating a pdf document - does not deliver more sender’s details either.



Hmm will pass this onto the team for review! Thanks!


Hello guys,

Do you have an update on this? Senders IBAN is not visible on the statement when receiving money via bank transfer (only DATE NAME SURNAME and AMOUNT are visible). So if I want to return money to the sender who is not a Revolut user I must contact him again to ask his details. It would be great to have more detailed statement (including IBAN and BIC).