Perks - None in my area?



I’ve been a fan of the Revolut perks system, but today I reached my next 10 transactions and I am getting the error:

“Sorry! There are no perks in this area right now. Check again soon”.

I’m confused by what is meant by area? My perks generally have looped over and over, and are generally for similar merchants, and I’m in a UK city centre.

Any information? Does this also mean additional transactions I make now won’t count towards the next 10?


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Got the exact same message.

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At least you got into the perks beta, to be honest. I’ve had nothing :cry: even though @AndreasK said he could get me into the beta.


I got the same message - No perks in my area after 10 perks.
I asked for help and a member of the staff said
there is no guarantee that new perks will be applied instantly. It is automatically chosen by the system and she suggested waiting for another perk to appear!
It doesn’t help at all, at least for me, as after that answer I was at the same starting point.
Hope “it helps you”

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Yup pretty much the same said to me, they said they’ll pass on my comment to the dev team, but not heard back and still see that error. It is a little disconcerting this has suddenly stopped working for people with no transparency as to why, that along with the significant PR attack in recent days and the loss of a chief officer, makes you wonder.


I agree. Many people could think we are lucky because we had it but that is not the point. The important matter here is that they are not able to give you an answer with a solution or any notification and that make me wonder if one day we have a serious problem…how they will help us!


It’s still a feature during beta test. It seems plausible that changes to beta features happen and that support is not aware of all details during development of the feature.


Totally agree, however with it being a BETA product the support team probably should only relay feedback than make any of the assertions described above. It just seems a bit odd. A tiny bit of dialogue would be appreciated from Revolut though so that we don’t presume that the issue is account specific and are re-assured it’s being looked in to.

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Still seem to face this issue - has the program been suspended?


Been a while and perks remains unavailable and no information given. Totally understand this is a BETA product, but, some communication would be appreciated for those testing.

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Totally agree.