Periodic top-up from credit card or bank transfer



I am trying to find a way to automatically set periodic top-ups. (No, I am not interested in top-ups when the balance passes a minimum threshold). I couldn’t figure out how to do it with the credit card.

Could I set an automated periodic transfer from my bank account to revolut? Maybe more precisely: does the reference number change with every transaction? If it does, I guess there is no way to set a periodic transfer from the bank, right?

Thanks for your help


Your reference number does not change, so you can set a regular bank transfer :slight_smile:


Which currency are we talking about in the first place?


Right. With EUR f.e. and from my ING DiBa account I can simply set up a standing order sending to my GB IBAN.


I would like to do periodic bank transfer top-ups in CHFs. (Once a month)