People Near Me - New functionality ?


I can see this on the FAQ, but I don’t find it in my app.

Is it a new functionality ?

Paying people near me
To pay people nearby, you and the person you wish to pay must both have the ‘People Near Me’ screen open, which can be found in the ‘Payments’ section of the app. They can also request money from you this way.

Your phone number and full name are never visible to people nearby, and you’ll stop being visible shortly after you exit the People Near Me screen, so your privacy is completely safe!


Hey Spoon. Yes this was announced recently. If you go to payments tab, then at the bottom there is a “People near me option”

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I don’t find it … I am on Android. Is it only on iOS?

Sorry i am not sure. I can’t see it in my emulator.

Hi @anon33247966,

Is it only on iOS?

Android version will be released soon :slight_smile:


I got a popup asking me if I wanted to enable “Pay people near me”. I said no at first, but now after looking about what is it, I want to enable it. How to do it ? Thanks. I have the latest version on android.

The two people that want to make a transaction have to go to that app section. Then the apps should find each other. That is it.

But I don’t have this section :confused:

edit : The help say it’s on Payments but I have nothing about it in this section.

It is under payments.

I don’t have anything related to that in this section. Maybe because I said No the first time it asked me if I wanted to enable this functionnality ?

I dont think so. You are on the latest app version? Tap payments, scroll down, there is a section „others“, it should show recurring payments and the feature you’re looking for.

Yea I updated the app 10 minuts ago. In others I only have reccuring payments :confused:

(I’m on iOS, so I can’t confirm this.)

Then it might not be availabe for Android yet, I don’t know. I haven’t activated it, but I still see it there.

Maybe, but strange to show a popup about it in the app. Or maybe it was a dream :smiley:

Avaible in the last release !