Pending transaction for more than 20 days


I used my Revolut card to refill my subway card in New York but it did not work so I don’t have the money and did not get the refill on my card.
Thanks for helping

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Hi @M.Albercik,

Could you please reach me out via a direct message so I can help?


Andreas K

Hi Andreas,
I sent a message on messenger and wait for an answer. Regards

Envoyé de mon iPhone

You mean on Facebook right?

Sorted @M.Albercik :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem. I have a canceled by merchant transaction, which remains pending from almost a month. How can I get my money back ?

I have almost the same issue. I have a transaction pending for a while now with a pretty big amount. Can someone help, please?

Hi, AndreasK,

Can you please help me with my pending transaction please? Is says pending and it usually always goes trough very fast. Really need your help!! Thanks

My transaction is still pending. Is there any chance to revert it ?