Pending transaction and FX rate



Say I’m in Canada and I buy something for 1000 CAD. Then, a pending transaction for 1000 CAD = whatever amount of € appears in the app. When the transaction actually takes place a few days later, the CAD/€ rate has changed. Which rate is used in the end?

What I want to avoid is buying something on Thursday (say) and then having the actual transaction done during the weekend with the 0.5% mark up on the rate. Or the other way around, I’d like to know if, when buying something during the weekend, I can count on the fact that the transaction will take place in the next week with the normal rate.

Actually, do transaction ever take place during the weekend?



Hi @Nonown,

Thank you for asking.

Just to clarify, the rate doesn’t change, you will get the rate at the time of the purchase. Then, the merchant just presents the settlement, and your transaction goes from pending to authorised, in other words to be completed.


Andreas K