Pending Transaction 11days+


Revolut own documentation says that pending transactions last upto 10 days. I have one from 8am on March 25th, by my count 11 days+

I don’t want to reach out to support just yet until I understand what’s going on, should I go back and check all transactions over the year? Is recredit not really automatic despite what Revolut alludes to? Could thousands of honest poople overlooked this due to Revolut claiming to recredit automatic? Clearly the documentation is wrong.

Another support thread says something along the lines of ‘hey, reach out to support if its 10days and we can manually revert it’, holy crap I think of all the hotel deposits etc… that they could of sneaked by. Which is it? 10 days max? automatic recredit? “sometimes”? is this “same same but different”?



Could that be business days? If so, there be still plenty of time, particularly because of Easter.



None of the documentation alludes to it being business days, but you could be right.



Hi there. I cannot see any pending transaction from 25.03. The transactions was reverted, can you please log out and log back in the app?

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The balance has literally updated to reflect the revert in last hour or so. Strange. Did you do anything manually here AndreasK?

If not can you please provide me the balance logs, when did the balance update? Why did this one take 11 days+? Can you clarify if the 10 days is “working days” or not ?




I didn’t revert it manually.

Unfortunately I cannot check the logs however, our support team can tell you the exact date. It’s 10 days not 10 working days.



I have a serious problem with Revolut account. I am transferring money from my company to my personal Revolut account. It was 30/3/2018 In that time i don’t know I am over the 25k limit. It was before Easter so 4-day extra day. I uploaded the document and i am just waiting waiting… The amount has arrived at 30/3/2018 today is 7/4/18. I try to contact the customer service but no answer, no any communicating. The Revolut don’t warming me for the 25k limit, just sitting on my money. Communicate fearly and asap, please! I need my money now!

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Hey! As I can see an agent responded and resolved your query. If you need higher limit you have to provide us with the documents required.



Hello, I have a problem with pending transaction too. I have ordered online something and then my order was canceled by the shop (8th august), then I tried to reorder it (10th august) but it got canceled again. Now both of the transactions are pending, and it has been longer than 10 days. What is happening?



On Tuesday I got the notification of my salary payment from the company I work for, but the transaction is still pending and I don’t know why. Maybe is a simple issue to resolve, and I don’t know if I only have to wait but in these days I had no answers from customer service and I need that money to live, so I need to resolve this problem as soon as possible, please.



I have had just opened this account, never had banked with online. I told my wife to transfer £1, its been six day still pending, and when asked help team they want her full name location and date of birth. It just feels like scam to me. He said its for money laundering purposes we need details of source of money…what £1…