Pending Deposits i need to pay suppliers - no reply

My business has been using Revolut for close to 12 months without issue.

On the 21st May i received the below message:

As a FCA regulated body , we are required to understand our client’s activity. As an ongoing procedural check we are having questions based on your account activity. Would you be kind to clarify it for us

Would you be kind to provide us Bank statement for past 2 months / Annual Turnover confirmation from a certified accountant / Annual sales confirmation letter from a certified accountant or any equivalent document to verify the source of incoming funds to your Revolut business account.

Once you have the documents , kindly provide it to us, we will verify it and make your account active to make transfers.

i replied on the 22nd May advising i supplied documents when opened the account.

it wasn’t until the 26th May i received the below reply:

Hi Danny , Thank you so much for letting us know, we are still reviewing them, apologies for the delay.

My account has been inactive since this date and despite my repeated messages no one has replied.

We have pending deposits the business urgently require to pay suppliers.

I would like to make a formal complaint and escalate this issue, it is unacceptable that my account be suspended without dialogue and then have no contact for close to one week.

please advise asap or i will have to take the matter further.

Hello @dk1976 !

Please accept my apologies for the long waiting time.
I have been chasing that with the team today and seems the issue no longer persists. We are working on the ways to improve turnover time for such sensitive cases and hopefully you will be able to see the results soon.

Best regards,

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Ok Rafael, thankfully all resolved and I can sleep tonight.

Kind Regards

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