Pending bank transfers

Thank you Frank, but it shows everything is fine but it’s not :wink:
Top-up is out

The side effect of live dashboards. At the moment of posting it, it showed an interruption of card top-ups.

It’s expected that things take a while now until failed or pending payments are cleared or refunded.

Try with a small amount if you‘re not trusting the status board.

Thx Frank,

Just had a look and my money is here now, topped up 20min ago (tried myself for a friend)
But this friend still didn’t get his money since 11am today. Wait and see

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I have the same issue. Tried wiring money from USA more than a week ago and nothing received. Impossible to contact anyone at Revolut, even via mobile app - been waiting for a live agent for over an hour!

Traces by USA bank are completely being ignored. This money is to pay for my daughter college (already over due). Really poor service. How can a bank (even online one) operate without any support???

Hello I paid with my revolut card to book flight tickets on 12/02/2020 but due to the coronavirus my flight cancelled and I ve got a refund on 3/7/2020 . The problem is that I ve got the refund to a terminated account (that one I used to pay ) so no I have a new revolut account I m on the chat over a month now and the still keep saying that they are waiting for a response from the relevant team . I am waiting over 2 months for my money and no one gives me an exact timeframe about that . Please HELP!!!


Retrying to post - it seems it was not approved the first time…

I have the same issue. Security deposit refund from my lettings agency, has been pending for over three days. No help from support. Can anyone -please- help? I need this money. No one will even give me an update on what’s going on, and your app mentions ‘a few hours’ for a pending transfer to be resolved. Please I just need some sort of answer rather than being completely ignored.

Same problem here , i cant transfer money from my own account to my revolut account ower a half year , its reverted pending and no answers ar questions… very disappointing ,….

Same here! now is more than 1 month I’m waiting…
How much time did you wait for the money to be transferred?

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Now it is more than 2 months since my payment is pending? I’m wondering if Revolut is cheating!!
Someone in the community received the money after pending bank transfers?


May I know that is your problem solved now? How do you contact the team?

yes, after almost two months of stressing Revolut teams I got my money… the only way was to contact them over and over in the Revolut chat…
I was afraid but finally, I got my money back!
there was no explanation and an unbelievable lack of communication from Revolut