Peage / autoroute in France (toll)

Hi all, there are various stories about the matter: Wether the Revolut card is accepted by the automatic toll ports in France.

Anyone here experience with this?


Didn’t find it in the first place, but there is already an extensive thread on the matter.



Hello, I have already encountered this problem. Some days it functions and some days doesn’t. St However, when paying at 24h/7 Petrol station in france using my revolut card it never works.

Same problems, and it’s very disappointing!
You must have a second card… (N26 card is accepted where Revolut isn’t)

Bummer, but understandable…

Some toll boths and 24/7 petrol stations does not have online connections for their card systems. In that case revolut will not work, sometimes the they will manually block prepaid cards also.

N26 MasterKarte even works in an airplane.

Is that also a pre paid or just plain debit card? Airplanes usually have a internet connection for their terminals. At least Norwegian and sas

Debit MasterKarte…

N26 issues „real“ debit cards.


As Frank wrote, they issue real debit cards and that is why it works some places where Revolut does not.

The cards are configured differently. A service code in the programming of the card determines the options for payment authorization. Revolut cards always ask for online authorization, while N26 allows offline transactions to some extend. A merchant can always choose to override this accepting the higher risk. That’s why some users might see their Revolut card being accepted in “offline” situations, especially when the mag stripe is used.