PDF Generation crashes


Hi ,

I try to generate a PDF statement on my Xiaomi Redmi 3 Android phone.
I select the month(s) and press ‘Get Statement’

Then I see a preview, I have it set to ‘Save as PDF’

When I press the save icon on the top right I jump back to the screen where you can press the top right icon to start the Generation process.

It looks like it crashed unless it saves the Pdf somewhere in a location I don’t know of?
I would expect it ask for a file name or maybe another app to process the PDF further?

Does anyone else have this issue?


Hi @Wcool,

I just downloaded my statement.

Tap on Save as PDF, then select a location (on your mobile device - in my case is “Downloads”) -> Tap on 'Done".

Go to the Downloads file of your phone to find it.


Hi Andreas,

I can select Save as PDF or Printers (finding no printers)

When I then click on the top right round button that I think will save the PDF, the app goes back out of the statement generation and nothing has happened.

I never get an option to save the PDF anywhere.

If it is only me who has this issue, is there a way to switch on a debug log?