Paypal vs Revolut. Coversion rate.


Hi all,
I have just purchased an item on eBay.
The currency on eBay was GBP and the payment method was Debit/Credit card processed by Paypal.
I paid using my Revolut card, which is registered in Spain.
On my Revolut I have EUR and GBP balances.
My surpise is that I have been charged in EUR and Paypal has applied a conversion rate far from mid-market exchange rate, obviously.
Why haven’t I been charged in GBP?
Is there any wrongdoing coming from PayPal?
Thanks in advance,


On Ebay checkout you would have noticed that it is charging euros, to disable that you have to go to and click in “conversion options” and there disable the conversion.

You would have to do that from your paypal account if you checked out without one there would have been no way to do it.


Thanks windozer for your reply.
I never logged on my PayPal.
Bank card is the method I used.
Everything else was on the seller’s end.


You have to login to paypal and add the card and change the settings so it charges without conversion or if its already there change the setting.


I would say that it does not matter what my settings are because my PayPal account has not been used. Everything is on the seller’s side.
My PayPal account was offline all the time. It’s been months since last time I used it.


Seems this is a “bug” or just that they don’t care.
The workaround: use a PayPal account.



Thanks very much Juliopp.
This worked like a charm!


I’m really glad, @MFrances