Paypal verification transfer not received


Hi there !

Last week (on april 17th) I added my euro revolut account to my french Paypal account.
To verify the account, Paypal sends 2 transfer of very small amounts.
As for now, I still didn’t receive those transfer and can’t verify my account.

A week is passed, I’m used to this system from Paypal and it always worked so I guess the issue is about revolut.

What can I do to get those transfers ?

Thanks !


I think you should link your virtual card to your PayPal account and not your Revolut bank account. What is the benefit in adding your bank account and not your card?


To pay out funds. Also in some markets services like “pay after 14 days” or Google Pay with Paypal need a connected bank account for direct debit.


@Elianora I would wait a couple more days. There were some bank holidays around easter.


Ah yes. Thanks :pray:



I added another account the same day and received the transfers within 48h (german account, N26, now confirmed)
I already added my CB into my Paypal account but had some problems to use it on eBay, that’s why I wanted to add the account too

I finally was able to pay with my CB so I no longer need the account but I’d like to understand why it doesn’t work ^^
and I don’t think it’s about easter holidays as I added the account a week ago


Let’s assume it takes Revolut, for whatever reason, 5 business days to process this.

Good friday and easter monday were bank holidays in the UK. Considering weekend and holidays, it’s only 3 days ago that you did the transfer.

I would wait a couple more days just to be sure there’s no delay before contacting Paypal / Revolut support about this.


ok I’ll see…
I wish I had that much holidays ^^


UK: 8 national holidays.
France: somewhere around 12? (I found different lists with different numbers.)


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10 actually (we lost one a few years ago) ^^
12 in Alsace

I meant I wish I had as much holidays as banks (which have more holidays than anyone else in France as in UK (and other countries I’m sure) )

well still nothing received…
I’m considering transferring some money myself to see if a paypal issue (sending money) or revolut (receiving)


well, it seems the issue is with paypal (or small amounts)
I transfered 10€ from another account on friday and received the money on my revolut account today

nevermind, revolut CB is more useful (payment in local currency) than the account in euro