Paypal transfer money to Revolut card, no iban transfer



I have to transfer my paypal money to the revolut card, but I can not do it through iban because my italian paypal does not add me the english revolut iban.

I tried to transfer the money from paypal and I selected the revolut card that I had previously checked and sent the money in euros.

I still do not see the money on the revolut card credited.

the transaction will be successful and I will see the money on revolut or will come back on paypal or I will lose the money?

thank you


First of all- you haven’t lost your money.
As far as I understood- you have sent money (EUR) via wired transfer from PayPay to Revolut.
Which account number have you put into your PayPal’s form?
Local or SWIFT?
When have you done it?
If SWIFT- have you typed reference number?


No, i transfer money from PayPal to revolut card directly not with iban transfer


What do you mean writing “directly”?
From some card?


Directly , i don’t use iban transfer but directly ti PayPal account to revolut card.


so, from my observation (outside of Revolut) it lasts up to two weeks


Has this been fixed?