Paypal - tranfer money to Revolut (USD -> REVOLUT).

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I tried to find another topic about this conversion but I could not find any conclusion.

Is there any way how to get USD from Paypal without currency change?
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Hello @Davox :slight_smile:

Do you mean, via bank transfer?

When I tried to transfer money to my USD curency account in Czech bank I received it in CZK already.
I am wondering how to transfer it to CZK in better rate.


Hello again @Davox :wink:

I might be a little slow tonight, but I’m not understanding this.
You’re transferring from PayPal to a USD account in a Czech Bank?

And, if so, how’s :r: involved in this? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am sorry I could be more specific.

I have Dollars on PayPal and want to avoid bad PayPal conversation rate during the conversation to CZK. (when I withdraw USD, PayPal transfers it automatically to CZK).
I have USD account in my Czech bank (it is the same bank account but 2 currencies: USD and CZK, with good rates transfer) but everytime PayPal sends me CZK - I guess because of the Czech IBAN?

Is it possible to transfer USD from PayPal to Revolut, make an exchange to CZK and send my CZK account? Another option is sending USD to USD account, but not to send in CZK again as PayPal did.

Thank you so much

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It would probably be converted into GBP. Additionally, there’s an issue ongoing that would prevent you. :frowning:
Quick answer: no.
Long answer: investigate. You could withdraw money from PayPal to a US USD account, top up to :r: from there and blah blah blah.
Might be too inconvenient to save a 1% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do you know about any online US account available to handle from the Czechia?
Thank you

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Hello @Davox,

Unfortunately no, not at all :confused:

As it seems, if you have USA accounts you can do whatever you want by selecting the currency you want your accounts to work with.

Unfortunately, if you have UK accounts PayPal forces you to have to convert the money from USD to GBP so they can take their cut by using PayPal rip off conversion rates.

In this PayPal currency conversion plus the PayPal fees, etc, sometimes you will lose around 10% of your money while it gets to your Revolut account converted from USD to GBP.