Paypal topup using GPay

Hi there,

I just wanted to ask if any of you used Gpay with Paypal to topup on Revolut and what’s been your experience with it. Did it worked fine for you?

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi Xavi

Since you’re the most active Revolut employee currently on the forums it would be nice to know what department you’re from and what role you have within it?



Hello Xavi,

And welcome to the Community since you registered here some days ago, Does this mean staff will be more active in the community? or you just need quick feedback and you are out?


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Hey Xavi,

I always use it for topping up. Especially since an extra credit card from my Bank would cost me additional fees while a normal transfer would take too long (especially at weekends).

It would be just nice if the support would care more about it if there are any problems. They always recommend me to use my card (I clearly said PayPal) instead of using gpay.

Once your support said it’s a GPay problem I should contact them. So Googles support took a look and said it must be a PayPal problem. PayPal said its either your or GPay’s problem. But at the end it seemed to be a problem from your side which got fixed quickly after your dev team got aware of this issue also from other user.

And from my experience, many German people us it for topping up because many banks offer credit cards with additional fees and without Google pay support. (That’s why Google partnered with PayPal very shortly after the GPay release in Germany)

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Hi Reccha and iLoky,

Thank you very much. I’m a new Product Owner at Revolut.
I’m mainly working on products for DACH(Germany, Austria and Switzerland) markets. My goal is to understand pain points for those users and make sure we build useful stuff for them.

I believe communities are a great source of feedback and ideas. Personally, it also helps me to get to speed at Revolut.

I can’t comment on other Revolut staff being more involved in the community for now.
So, happy to discuss with all of you, and many thanks for the feedback you provide.



For Switzerland you’ll find threads about top-up fees, time it takes for local bank transfers until they are shown in the accounts, personal IBANs for CHF, payments from Revolut to local Swiss accounts which sometimes have fees on the receiving end because SWIFT instead of local payment clearing is used and integration into local payment system with Swiss reference number system. There are probably more, but these are some of the more recent ones which pop into my head.

The only cards I have available for Gpay in revolut are full debit cards - anything prepaid or credit is shown as “not available”. So it’s pretty useless, compared to just adding cards directly in the app.

I would be very interested in virtual Maestro card if such thing can even technically exist (but im not from Germany, Austria or Switzerland).

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Well you don’t get it. In Germany you can add PayPal as virtual card to Google pay so you are able to Topup Revolut with PayPal using Google pay

Using any card attached to PayPal? So you can top up with credit cards, for example, free of charge? That would surprise me.

No. PayPal directly. You know, there are people who actually have money on PayPal…

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No I use direct debit and every german bank supports it

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