PayPal to Revolut withdrawal problem


4 days ago I made a PayPal withdrawal to my Revolut virtual VISA card. The verification on PayPal went just fine and they pointed that the card is eligible for withdrawals. Unfortunately, bank account withdrawals are not available in our country, so I must use only debit/credit/prepaid cards for this.

The problem is that I haven’t received the funds in my Revolut account yet and I’m kinda worried it got stuck somewhere. It’s a 940 USD transaction. Support wasn’t very helpful and every time I contacted them they asked me to wait or to sort it out with PayPal. Paypal told me that the transaction was sent and there is nothing they can do on their side.

Can anyone confirm me if PayPal withdrawals to VISA work on Revolut? I have previously used multiple virtual prepaid cards for withdrawals and it all went through just fine.

Hi there …
It takes little time to withdraw from paypal to revolut .
Depends on amount.
Can vary between few hours to over a 24hrs.

The withdrawal has been made through card funding, not bank account.

It never took this long and I’m really worried. 4 days and counting.

Have you check with Paypay? I would ask them for some sort of proof the payment was made (something more official than a screenshot) and then provide this to Revolut support.

Hi how did it end up your case? Did you manage to receive the PayPal visa withdrawal?


Yes it worked automatically after about a week.

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Thanks for the reply. Did you understand where the issue was? Was on PayPal side or revolut? Did you have to chase PayPal or revolut about it?

I’m asking because I’m waiting for a withdrawal not of PayPal but from another website. Usually the withdrawals from that website to my bank visa took 1day to be credited.

It’s not really a problem, just slow.

Hi Razvan (Salut de fapt :smile: ),

On my first withdrawal to Revolut physical card (card has not arrived yet, will get to me in about 12 days), PayPal displayed a message right after confirming the payment, that that transaction needs to be verified somewhat, which will take about 24hrs. I’m currently 2 days and counting since I did the payment from PayPal to Revolut, and the money still did not arrive.
Usually, transfers from PayPal to my ING card take about 1-2 days.

What I want to ask is if the transfer duration shortened after the first one, or if it just takes this much (about 1week like in your case) to transfer from PayPal to Revolut in every case? I actually hoped for quicker transfers between PayPal > Revolut.


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PayPal to Revolut VISA cards usually take about a week to process. Had about 20 till now and all took at least 5 to 6 days.

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Razvan Balica

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I have some problem with the paypal in transferring money to revolut. I keep getting the message “Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later.” i don’t have any bank account attached to paypal, just the revolut card. I have unlinked the card and linked it again and got the wonderful message “ready to use”, but i can’t use nothing. I have sent an email to the paypal support and so far nothing. Do i have to do something else that i missed? Or is my lucky day, so to speak?

Razvan, have you withdrawn using a virtual card ?
I am getting the same error as @roninx2
Are we suppose to be able to withdraw via virtual card ? (card is linked and “ready to use”).

Yes, it works just fine. I’ve done it multiple times. It takes a while (about a week or so).

This must cost Revolut money. When you make a purchase on a Revolut card, Revolut receives fees from the merchant. When you receive a refund on a Revolut card, Revolut refunds the fees to the merchant, or in this case pays fees to the merchant that it never received in the first place.

have you done this recently may I ask ?