PayPal to Revolut (USD -> USD)

Thanks, I was not referring to paying online but to withdrawing funds to my bank account. I have USD but want to withdraw into an EUR account without applying the PayPal conversion rate which is horrible.


Thanks, I managed to do this for my cards but then I saw I cannot withdraw money directly to my cards anyways. It has to be to a bank account :confused: Is there a way to disable dcc for the linked bank accounts as well?


I see. Sorry, my mistake. I think this varies from country to country, meaning it depends on the “nationality” of your PayPal account.

In some countries, withdrawals to cards are possible, but that’s rare in Europe. If you would have a US / USD Paypal account, you could link your Revolut card to it and chash out USD without further conversion.

I vaguely remember that the Paypal support can change the currency of a card/account for withdrawals. But I can’t remember if this was related to cards only or if it was also possible for connected accounts. Whatever the case, Paypal support should be able to tell you.

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It seems to be the case indeed, as my account is Spanish. They told me it is impossible to transfer money to my card :frowning: Still, thanks a lot for your help!

I’m a rookie. I’ve connected my Visa Revolut virtual card with my PP account. I wanted to buy something in US dollars. So, first I exchange my local money in a few dollars. I made the payment and I saw PP withdraw from my GB pound account (also had few pounds) and exchange in dollars and made the payment. What should I do in order that PP use my dollars account on my Revolut card ? Thanks !

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Im pretty sure you cant do anything about it cuz revolut isnt supported in usa yet

I have an issue with my Revolut card but I don’t know who to contact. I received a mastercard from Revolut a few days ago and I wanted to link it to my paypal account. After I introduced all the required data, I got a message that says “Your card was declined by the issuing bank. Please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions”. Can somebody help me with this please?

I wonder how people were able to connect a Revolut card to their US Paypal - I have European billing address on my Revolut, but Paypal expects me to give US billing address for the card.

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This might help,

I have exactly the same problem ( I d like to send from USD to USD ) but paypal changes in Euros … They sayd because Revolut doesn t allow to send USD to USD Any suggestion please ?

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The solution suggested in that link doesn’t work anymore.
Did someone in all this time find a way to transfer USD from PayPal to Revolut? Take into account that I am in the UK so both PayPal and Revolut are UK accounts. Thanks

I don’t think there was a solution to this. The link that doesn’t work anymore was about payments, not withdrawals. The only workaround I know is to open an US Paypal account, which isn’t an option for most.

I`m also interested in a method to withdraw USD to another currency, for me it is EUR.

Did you guys try to add a credit card to your Paypal account and withdraw it to the card? It is very important that you disable the Paypal Currency Conversion every time you do it because they removed the feature.

I would like to know if it is correct that revolut uses the daily exchange rate during the week to convert USD to EUR? No extra fees or a different exchange rate like Paypal?

Also If you dont use a revolut credit card you should check for their exchange rate (fees) first.