PayPal to Revolut (USD -> USD)


Hello everyone,

I’ve a problem - I’ve added my Revolut card to PayPal and when I try to withdraw funds (USD in PayPal) to my Revolut, PP converts it to GBP (with awful exchange rate).

Is there a way to send money from PayPal to Revolut, but without any conversion (USD -> USD)?


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There are multiple post on the subject in?the forum, I think the solution is to disable PP automatic currency conversion

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As far as I know, there isn’t. If your Paypal account is a UK account

  • Paypayl does not allow payouts in USD
  • you need to connect the account, not the card

Beware that Revolut UK accounts can only be used for payouts with Paypal. Since UK accounts do not yet support direct debit, funding Paypal via the account does not work. But you can use the card for this.



Yes, there is a way. Simply ask PayPal’s support to change the card’s currency to USD.

I have done the same and now the fee for withdrawal is $2.5.

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Hey, thanks for the answer!

Yep. I did that and they did changed the currency of virtual Revolut card to USD.

Just out of curiosity - how much time did it take for you to receive funds to your Revolut card from PP?




Just out of curiosity: is your Papal account a US or a UK account?



I suspect that it’s a US account.



Thanks, that detail helps a lot if other users with a similar question stumble upon this thread! :slightly_smiling_face:



No problem. But again, I’ve pressed on Transfer button on PayPal on Sunday, even though funds haven’t appeared in my Revolut account yet.

I will update if any success (or not) for whose who are interested in this situation :slight_smile:



You can search this forum for users that were able to transfer USD from Paypal to their Revolut card. I remember it being mentioned here before. They might have reported how long it took or you could get at least in contact with someone who managed to do it.

My guess is that it takes just longer than with other cards. Revolut’s platform connects all kinds of different services together, it’s not as straight as just sending funds to a card number that is then connected with one account. I can see that it takes time until a refund is processed by all service providers involved.



I’m amazed paypal is happy with $2.5 for the SWIFT transfer to Revolut. I would have expected them to only allow ACH.

I use Transferwise as ACH/:r: bridge, they charge $6.8 per transfer though. but still saving money by using :r: instead of TW farther on.

but at 0.75+ I think I’ll start saving USD and forget about GBP for a while.



If understand this correctly, this is a payment to a card number. No SWIFT/ACH involved.

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Sorry for late reply. Around 2 days for a security check + 2 days for the actual transfer.



hey all

I asked paypal to change my revolut card to USD currency.
However they will not allow me to withdraw to the card (not a UK feature), only to a bank account.
My revolut bank account is down as a UK one, so paypal defaults to GBP conversion.

How did you get around this?