PayPal to Revolut - Avoiding USD to GBP Transaction Fees


Hello everyone,

I’ve added my Revolut card to PayPal but when I try to send funds from PayPal (primary currency - USD) to Revolut I see that PP is going to convert USD to GBP (which is annoying because PP FX is ridiculous).

My question would be - is there any way to transfer funds from PayPal (USD) to Revolut (USD), eg. without converting funds?



Hi there.

For future transactions, you can go on the Payments section on PayPal and then select “Pre-Approved Payments” and then select “Funding Sources” and then click on “Conversion Options” next to your card. This will give you the option to select the to select “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice”. Then click submit and save. This is not a guaranteed fix but it should prevent PayPal from applying their conversion again.


That works with other payments in paypal, but I think the question here is withdrawing from paypal to Revolut. In most countries there is no solution for this, paypal will always convert the funds


Hello all,

Just FYI - I’ve messaged PayPal Customer Support to change from GBP to USD and they did that. Problem is that I’m waiting for funds to arrive to my virtual Revolut card for 3 days already. Hoping it will arrive one day or another :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, guys!


You can do that for card withdrawals. The problem is that if your PayPal account is European based, you can only withdraw to your bank account and in your local currency