Paypal Revolut Debit Card

Hi :slight_smile:

I have just added my revolut card to PayPal. It’s working very well!
But I have seen on my revolut account that I’d got charged ($1). I have read on the paypal forum that they need to verify your card, so they charge a small amount. But with the other cards I’ve on Paypal I got the amount back immediately.

Any experience from other people who use Paypal with the revolut card? :sweat_smile:

Paypal charged me twice… U$ 1 … transaction was later (same day) reverted… and ‎£ 1… this was transfered back to my £ account two days later. The 2nd transaction showed my verification code.

I would suggest to set PayPal account currency conversion

I have already done it :slight_smile:

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You have to search a little bit, but this link should work :slight_smile: :


Glad to read this.
In my case they have reverted money within about 7 days.

Thanks, the link is working! But I can’t find the page clicking the menu…


thanks Gabriel - i was searching for these options since i added my revolut-card to PP… (strangly enough, PP-support couldn’t refer me to this page…)

You’re welcome :blush: