PayPal refund hasn't come to my Revolut card yet



I received a refund for a purchase I made using Revolut through PayPal.
I cancelled the order a day later and the seller refunded me immediately.
The money still has not come back to my Revolut balance.

I went to live chat support in the Revolut app and despite it being 10AM GMT, the app said “Support is offline”. I checked multiple times during the day and the chat section had the same “Support is offline” message. Eventually (5pm) I got in and the support bot said to type my question or type Live Agent. I eventually got to an agent, who requested evidence that the refund happened. I gave him the PayPal transaction ID and he said this wasn’t enough. Then he requested more details, so using the paperclip attachment I took a photo of the PayPal transaction. Then the app kicked me out. When I logged back in it said “Support is offline” again. About an hour later I got a notification saying “I am closing this support request, please feel free to contact us again…blah blah”.

The support issue was clearly not resolved, so it shouldn’t have been closed.
Also why is support offline during the hours when it should be online?

Can someone help me with this?


Hello @zzyxxx,

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We will review your chat history and take the necessary measures.

Please note, all the refunds are processed automatically within 5 working days from the merchant’s release.

Do you have the refund confirmation?


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,

The transaction id is 18U53611VA267012W

This is all the details that PayPal provide.


When did they proceed with the refund?


Hello AndreasK,

" all the refunds are processed automatically within 5 working days" seems really not apply in all cases… I got a Paypal refund on 31st of August, but didn’t receive the cash on my account. I opened a discussion with the support on the 8th of October, and since then, every morning I have the same chat with the support (essentially ending with “we see the issue, but we don’t know how to solve it, we escalate this”)… Everybody is polite and willing to help, but nothing happens.

It is now the forth day with the same scenario. Please make this work!


I have the same problem: I have been refunded on paypal but it never arrived on my revolut card. I contacted the support via the app several times, but nobody never answered me…
after 2 weeks, it realy bothers me.


a transaction on 1,99 USD on jan 12, reference 79C25987HA938774F.