Paypal recharge


I am wondering if we can charge our revolut card with PayPal account? Am i dreaming?


Nope, Revolut (currently) doesn’t allow/purpose Top-Up via Paypal.

For the moment you have the choice between:

  • Credit Card (3 currencies)
  • Debit Card (3 currencies)
  • Bank Transfer (3 currencies)
  • Coming soon: Pay (I guess the same 3 currencies)

That’s a pretty wide list of options :wink:


Paypal fees are very high but… you never know :slight_smile:


PayPal would be great for people in other countries who have PayPal accounts in one of the 3 currencies. Instead of withdrawing to local currency and then topping up they could do it directly from PayPal and avoid double charge.


yes, I agree, plus Paypal is so ubquitous that it would be fundamental to be able to use it for top-up


This would be nice because some referral programs give you a credit on your paypal in USD, but it’s pretty hard nowadays if you’re from Europe to spend it because almost all web stores will switch to EUR immediately when you try to buy something. Revolut would be a great way to get USD out of the account without having to convert it. - and you can then spend it at a merchant when you go to the US :slight_smile:


yes, exactly what I need to do sometimes. Being an international traveller with business interests on both sides of the ocean, Paypal is a necessary payment gateway.


funny how Revolut is mostly silent on the main topics people are really interested in… and that would take this app to a whole 'nother level…


This would be so helpful. I travel a lot and work online a lot. I always get paid with paypal in dollars, then I have to transfer to my UK pound account to top up revolut to withdraw euros. I must lose quite at bit doing the dollar to pound transfer as paypal rates are terrible. Would be great to send dollars straight to my revolut card. If an agreement with paypal could be made then this would be the perfect banking card.


Hey there,

I totally understand the point here.

Maybe the solution is personal IBAN (which is coming) that would (I hope!) let you transfer money in dollars directly from PayPal to your Revolut’s account (which is impossible right now because account is not in your name). :slight_smile:

By the way, this will cost a lot less to Revolut, avoiding the high fees of PayPal Top-Up.



As an international traveller who works as a remote it would be very nice to top up from paypal to revolut directly from USD to revolut account! Would be nice also to top-up from any currency like rubble to USD and conversion done on the revolut side but maybe I’m dreaming : )


@AndreasK Hi I asked this question a long time ago. Any chance we can get a reply on this one?


Hi @andreagv,

Really sorry I have missed this post. Remember to tag me so I can get notifications.

The answer to your question is no, as Top Up via PayPal are not supported, at least at this stage. Maybe further down the line.

However, you can link your Revolut card to your PayPal account :slight_smile:


Andreas K.



The PayPal don’t accept my card… ? I tried 10 times



Where does it stuck?


When I add the card. PayPal told me we can not accept this card


Ok. Let’s get in touch though a direct message.


I have been using my PayPal access card to top up my Revolut card. I have had zero problems, all transaction have been immediate. Perfect!


@XOKK as far as I can see it that is an UK only thing with those cards :-/


I’m living in Lithuania and everything works just fine with PayPal and Revolut. I bought a t-shirt, the seller did not send it out, there was no problem with refunding.