PayPal not working with Pevolut


Hello Revoluters,

i added my personal EUR IBAN to my german PayPal account.
To verify the account PayPal sends some cents to this account.
I never got this verification transfer.

Also i tried to send some euro to my Revolut Account. After about two weeks the amount showed up in my PayPal again marked as repaid.


Does PayPal not accept Revolut IBAN accounts?
How can i fix this?



Hey @schousda :slight_smile:

There’s an ongoing glitch with PayPal using the incorrect BIC (REVOGB2L instead of REVOGB21) and causing trouble in outgoing transfers :frowning:


That’s really still a problem for such a big company as PayPal after some weeks?


Hey @schousda :slight_smile:

I really don’t know whether the problem is solved by now or not. You can confirm this with :r:'s support team or with PayPal’s one. This are the latest news: