Paypal links with Revolut for non UK residents but from the EU.

Hello friends, I have a problem adding a Paypal card. The card is rejected. screenshot. Paypal does not want to add me a bank account, as I’m not a resident of the UK where Revolut resides. Is there a possibility for a non-UK reseller in the EU to link a Revolut card and a Paypal account? Thank you for the info.

Screenshot info

Someone here reported that it might be different with the app. He was able to add the GB IBAN with the Paypal app but not via the desktop browser.

On the desktop and on mobile it swears that I put GB IBAN when I’m not UK resident.

Yes, it works to add a bank account in the PayPal app.
But there might be a problem… Paypal might send the money in GBP at their exchange rate, and not in EUR.
In happened to me once while tried to send USD from the USD Balance to an USD account in Romania, they exchanged the amount to EUR and their explanation was that “to Romania they send only EUR”. It might be the same case with UK…