PayPal link

I am trying to link my Revolut account to my Paypal account. Paypal sends a small charge from an account with a name similar to “pp1234c”. I would then type the numbers “1234” (or whatever) into my Paypal account to verify I the account. The charge came through yesterday to my account in pounds but it is from “Paypal”. I can’t use this. How can I find the numbers?

Did you try to scroll down in :r:?

You have to request the verification of your card through PayPal website.


If I’m allowed to say, the 1 GBP charge you’re talking about is from PayPal, and the “pp1234c” is NOT the account, but the transaction reference. You have to input that “pp1234c” alike reference into your PayPal IBAN activation interface.

Just did this a few days ago, as described upon, and worked like a charm. Yesterday or the day before I just saw my initially charged 1 GBP back in my Revolut GBP account, has been refunded from PayPal.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who responded. In the end, I needed the actual code that paypal sent. I contacted Revolut tech support via chat and they gave me the code.

It is worth noting that I waited over 3 hours to connect to a live agent on the Revolut chat line today.

Can you please tell me, how I could transfer money from PayPal to Revolut?

hi, i just tried to link my revolut card to paypal, but the statement shown on the revolut app does not have any codes of that sort, help me out, when will that code be generated ?