Paypal is not accepting Revolut



i tried to add my IBAN to paypal mutlitple tims and never received the verification code.
Thats why i asked Paypal Support to help.
In their answer Paypal tells me, that GB is not part of the SEPA region and therefore they dont accept it.

Transfer Paypal funds to Revolut

They’re a bit stupid but there’s another problem.
GB is part of sepa. Tell them to lick their **** and go back to basic european economics.

Now the problem is that Paypal policy is that everything regarding in UK is done with GBP, but that’s their policy not lack of SEPA.

As well as all the other countries their policy forces EUR (for example I send USD from my USD balanace to my USD Account in Romania they will convert it to EURO)


I told them, that GB is a SEPA member and at the moment i wait for their answer.
In germany we have a regulatory authority, the BaFin, and i think about reporting Paypal to them if my account will be not accepted.
Does @revolut have any experience in this?


Well, they are right with one thing: the Revolut EUR IBAN does not support direct debit (Lastschrifteinzug) yet.

But they should, under EUR regulation, allow customers to add the Revolut account for withdrawals. (The regulation only covers consumer accounts. If the Paypal account in question is a business account, this one would not be covered.)


Hmm, I added my Revolut account to Paypal on Friday March 9th and two payments from PP arrived in my Revolut account today and I could verify it by entering the amounts of the transfers (€ 0,0X and € 0,XX). Afterwards I transferred some euros from PP to R which hopefully will arrive there soon. In PP the status of the transfer is “completed”.

PayPal and Revolut

Sure, these are regular bank transfers. They do work. But direct debits do not work. and this is critical to “use” a connected account as a method for Paypal payments. (You make a payment, and Paypal withdraws the money via direct debit a day later.)

Where are you based? Did you add your GB IBAN to a German Paypal account?


I’m german and my PP account is german too.
No success until now and i kinda gave up.