Paypal in PLN?


Hello. Does anybody know if I add a Revolut card to Paypal in which currency charges me Paypal? For example I want to pay an e-shop in Poland will it be charged in PLN or in UK in GBP? My Paypal account is in Austria so in EUR… Maybe sby has an experience…


Because I was interested, I just went and tried it out by adding my Revolut card to PayPal and then triggering a transaction in foreign currency (in my case it was Canadian Dollars but it should be the same for PLN).
I’ve attached a screenshot of the final transaction screen. I assume you understand some German since you’re from Austria?.

Basically you first select your Revolut card if you have multiple payment methods linked to your account (e.g. a bank account and the Revolut card).
Then PayPal detects that the card is from the UK and wants to charge it in GBP using their generous exchange rate (They offer 1 GBP = 1,683 CAD when Revolut offers 1 GBP = 1,736 CAD).
Now you click on “Optionen für Währungsumrechnung anzeigen” (Show options for currency conversion) and select that you want your card to be charged in the original currency (CAD in my case) and you recognize that your Bank may charge something for payments in foreign currency (oh no Revolut doesn’t do such thing :open_mouth:).
This way the payment should be charged without conversion to your Revolut card but I can’t promise anything. I only went to the final transaction screen and didn’t actually purchase anything


I tried it both with Revolut and my “normal” multicurrency bank account and it works as you assume - you´ll be charged in the currency of the seller using (in this case) Revolut´s exchange rate. :slight_smile:


Waoo. That would be great if it is working like this. We habe as Revolutioners the privilige to pay in the seller currency and get the best FX rate. I paid once @ paypal with my Diners Card for a HUF transaction. First they exchanged the HUF to USD then back to EUR - more than 6% extra charge. I hate since Paypal for this… Finally i paid my PLN transaction with a local fin service company and they charged my Revolut Card in GBP with 5.3% FX charge without any choice… I try next Paypal with Revolut… I report i promise.