PayPal and Revolut


Well, they have no way to find out until they try to withdraw funds.

Initial authorization works like this: the pay you a cent or something. And this will work.

I believe there are a couple of posts in this forum where users from UK and other countries were able to successfully link their Revolut accounts for paying out funds from Paypal.


for every account I’ve registered I’ve got a direct debit set up, and I’ve never withdraw funds from Paypal.


What do you mean by “set up”? Did Paypal actually withdraw funds from your accounts via direct debit at one point?


by setup I mean I can see an entry on my list of direct debits, but no. they’ve never attempted to withdraw through them.


The direct debit set up is the final part of adding an account to PayPal. When you get to the part where you need to authorize a direct debit just close the browser tab. The account will still be on PayPal, it’ll just show a yellow warning about completing setup. Just ignore that and you can use it for withdrawals

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We appreciate your update.

Can you confirm it is in use properly there was no issues?

On my behalf, I tried today from mobile app PayPal without much luck.

Thank you


I have read different threads and I’m still not clear on if I can transfer/topup USD in PayPal account from Revolut USD account.

If it is possible, please share the details.

Thank you.


After few hours of trying different things, I managed to top up my revolut account with paypal doing the next:

  1. created new bank account in revolut app(More>> Profile >> Account details >> Create new account(EUR/USD depending on your PayPal currency)
  2. Copy IBAN from Local tab under the new created account
  3. Get PayPal mobile app , add bank account , select GB and paste the new Local IBAN without spaces
  4. Success, withdraw a small amount(1 eur) , wait around 5 days or more depending if this is your first withdrawal from PayPal to a bank account.

And that’s how you withdraw from PayPal, no fees, no error messages.

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Which app did you download exactly? is it on iOS or Android? For me on Android by downloading the PayPal app it says:

Go to to add your bank account.

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With reference to an4rei’s post of Nov 18.
I have a UK based PayPal account and Revolut Card.
When I try to add a bank account on my PayPal mobile app, I get the message “Add your bank account on our website” with an option to Go To the Website.
If I add a bank account from the PayPal Website, it only lets me enter the Sort Code and the 8 digit Account No of the bank account. There is NO option to enter IBAN or BIC codes.
Conclusion - I cannot fund my PayPal account from my Revolut Card OR withdraw funds from PayPal into my Revolut Card.
Is there anyone who can help ?


unless you live in CH, you should have a unique local GBP account, with sort-code and so on. the IBAN of the GBP account is for SWIFT payments.


can confirm this is same for me. If you are UK based, there is no way to add a bank account with anything other than ACC number and Sort code


Withdrawing funds from PayPal to a card number is limited to certain countries by PayPal, unfortunately.


I am UK based, and have a UK PayPal account. With it I can:

  • Pay for goods and services using PayPal via my (virtual) Revolut card

  • Fund my PayPal account from Revolut via a bank transfer

  • Cash out from PayPal to Revolut via a bank transfer

I cannot:

  • Pay for goods and services via PayPal using Revolut bank account (this prevents using the Pay After Delivery option). This is because Revolut do not support UK direct debits.

  • Pay PayPal Credit automatically using Revolut bank account. Again, this is because Revolut do not support UK direct debits. However you can do a bank transfer from Revolut to your PayPal balance, then pay PayPal Credit using your PayPal balance as the funding source.

A few tips:

  • You can add your Revolut card and/or Revolut virtual card to your PayPal wallet.

  • When you add your Revolut bank account to your PayPal wallet do not attempt to complete the setting up of your Revolut bank account. Just leave it.

  • Set up a new payee in your Revolut bank account quoting the sort code and account number, plus your unique reference number provided by PayPal to enable you to fund your PayPal balance directly from Revolut via bank transfer.

PayPal might behave differently in other countries, but certainly it works in the UK for most things.

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Hi, I have a problem with PayPal too. My Revolut account is in EUR and when I complete a purchase online I am charged in GDP by Paypal, therefore I pay more than I should… does anyone have a solution for this? PayPal keeps telling me to contact the card issuer and Revolut keeps telling me to contact PayPal… this is so annoying


At the checkout there is an option how the conversion is performed (with default being paypal).
I have seen it recently and thought that it was better visible than in the past.


When googling for paypal and currency conversion / DCC, you should find many posts about this, some on PayPal’s customer forums. :wink:

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