PayPal and Revolut


Adding the IBAN is no problem. But i never got the verification code.



The error message seems to indicate it only accepts Greek banks.

Have you tried adding it at


Yes with no luck.My account is business maybe this is the problem?


Your Paypal account? Did you contact Paypal’s support?


Revolut doesn’t have personal IBANS so you can’t add one to paypal

First error will show you that the IBANS is assigned to a UK bank(in my case was germany)
When you try to add a UK bank it will tell you that the account is already assigned to another paypal address so…you just have to wait a few more months until they add personal IBANs


They do have personal IBANs. Also Paypal generally does not distinguish between country IBANs, so I am not sure what you mean by “adding a UK bank”.


They do not since my IBAN is already attached to another PayPal owner or at least they don’t have it rolled out for everyone if that’s the case…
As for not being able to distinguish between country that’s not true since I’ve tried to add “my IBAN “to a Romanian account but when I’ve switched to Germany it worked,kinda…it tells me it’s in use by another person


I’d clarify that with Paypal and Revolut. The local account should all be personalised.

I did not say they cant, I said they dont. There is no option to select a country before you add the bank details.


as you can see they say so in their app

there is…also in the phone app


We are talking about EUR accounts.

Maybe in their mobile application, not on the website.


FWIW I received the verification code today and was able to verify my Revolut Account in German PayPal account


From your screenshot above, the conclusion is accepts only Greek banks. May have to do with some capital controls. PayPal policy varies from country to country.


Guys, here’s an update: You can add your GB IBAN into PayPal if you use the mobile app. Mobile app gives the option to choose the country of the account.

I’m sure this option will soon be available to desktop too, meanwhile, just add it from mobile PayPal.



Worked ! You are awesome !


Hi there,

I’m in the UK and have a UK Revolut account. Over a week ago I successfully connected it to PayPal. Today, I received this message:

Hi there, I recently added my Revolut to my bank account and it was successful. A week later, I received this message:

“Your bank has let us know that you can’t use your bank account ending in XXXX to fund PayPal payments. If you already have a card linked to your PayPal account, we’ll use it to fund your future payments.

“How to make future payments with PayPal”

If you don’t already have another bank or card linked to your PayPal account, you need to add one to fund your future payments. To link a card or bank, log in to your PayPal account”

What is the issue? Why can I not use this with PayPal if it allowed me to connect in the first place? I want to use it to withdraw money from PayPal.

Thank you!


the UK account revolut provides doesn’t allow direct debits unfortunately, so it can’t be used to pay for services directly… including paypal. only through the cards.

PayPal doesn’t know it doesn’t support direct debits until it asks the provider to set one up and it’s told it can’t.

you will need a real bank account, my personal recommendations are starling and monzo


I am getting crazy with all the PayPal hassle. Some people can others can’t use the service. That is lacking transparency.

I am using Revolut with PayPal and frequently send money to my UK IBAN.

Now I wanted to use a virtual Visa and it wasn’t accepted. It needs to be a physical card. I got an answer why that is:


UK Revolut accounts don’t support direct debit! You can’t use it to fund Paypal, only to cash out. For funding, link the Revolut card!


I don’t think paypal allows bank accounts without a direct debit set up