Payments with crypto


Something very annoying is happening. Your cryptocurrency is a great way to buy crypto. It has a fat 1.5% fee each way but it’s very fast which makes it acceptable for something that volatile.
It is certainly not designed to pay physical goods with crypto.

My account is in auto topup mode (£500). Which means I have always cash on my account to cover my expense and I am not expecting to have crypto converted debited to pay my shopping.

But it happened several time which is extremely frustrating. It seems that payments are taken into account at a moment where the auto topup is not in yet.

I expect you to put a barrier between fiat and crypto to prevent automatic selling. I have lost money because of this.


Hi there. You can just deactivate the pocket, this will prevent any payment to go through your crypto.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


how do you do that. Do you have to do it just after each buy of crypto ?


Still don’t know how to do that


To deactivate a currency pocket, tap the icon on the top left of the Accounts screen–>swipe left on a currency–> Deactivate.


this is not a satisfactory solution because it hides completely the account. You should have an option deactivate payment to mitigate this issue easily. Best would be to have a crypto payment option