Payments - "What Is it For" Text


When sending money, there’s an optional “what is it for”. It would be useful if the person receiving the money gets this text, my understanding is that it’s only seen by the sender.


It’s already the case. :slight_smile:

I often sent money to friends (and them too) and we both get the “what is it for” text in the transaction’s details.

Maybe it’s a bug, you should see with the Revolut Team :wink:


Thanks Julien. I’d assumed it would be the case, but as I usually send (and not receive!) I’m not sure. However I sent out money to 6 friends with a message, all of them sent me a text asking what it was for! I’ll check it out more thoroughly.


Okay, I think what’s going on. You’ll maybe have to (re)explain your friends that they can/have to touch the transaction to get details (and so the message “what is it for” which is included in the details). :wink:

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