payments to Revolut appear on your bank account while you haven't done any top-ups

If you notice any payments to Revolut appear on your bank account while you haven’t done any top-ups to Revolut and no money has gone into your Revolut account we want to let you know that this is an issue we are aware of and we are currently investigating it. We will inform you immediately as soon as there are any updates.

Got this message on the chat regarding a withdrawal of money done by revolut yesterday. In the weekend I tried to top up but was declined due to insufficient funds. Yesterday I saw on my bank statement that revolut has withdrawn the same amount that’s failed in the weekend. But the money is not at my revolut account.
It might be information that other can use.


Exactly. I topped up my Revolut card once last Sunday from my normal bank account, and TODAY, in my bank account, the transaction appears TWICE, while I have just received one transaction in my Revolut card. My bank says I have made 2 transfers the same day for the same amount of money, so they can’t do anything. In my Revolut account there is only one transaction. Revolut says nothing, just that they are investigating the issue and that I have to wait. I am very worried as it is a lot of money, and I cannot really have a real conversation with someone from Revolut.


I have a similar problem. I top-up money from my bank account to Revolut. But from my bank account sent money twice.


I got such a problem: yesterday I payment has been issued by Revolut without my knowledge, with the same amount and from the same card as my last Top-up. Today, the money are gone, nobody knows where yet.

I talked to support and they are aware of the issue, but still investigating…

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I did a top-up payment June, the 3rd. The payment was successful without any error. Today I realized, that the amount was charged twice from my bank account.


The same thing here.
Revolut support claims they don’t know anything about it…

It went over my credit card limit, probably some fees will be involved.

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scary issue… I’m reading about it in local forums and that R admitted that there is problem by showing some kind of “banner” in app to affected users.

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The problem was acknowledged on Twitter earlier today.

Not everybody uses Twitter so that may not be the best way to announce issues…

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Just got a refund now so it seems they have solved it

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You don’t have to “have” Twitter to read what they post there.

That’s not the point and you know it.

My post was a direct response to @Karol, who said that support wasn’t acknowledging the problem. So I let him know that Revolut representatives actually were acknowledging it on Twitter. I was not suggesting that everybody should go there. That way my point. :slight_smile:

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I have been in contact with 3 different on the chat. The first and third knew about the problem. The second refused that there were any issues and blamed me.
So maybe revolut was aware of the issue but not everybody at support knew of this.
A notification in the app would might have helped.
But anyway. Seems like it has been solved and I’m happy.

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Thanks @Frank

@IvanJ - I had the same experience, after Frank’s message I contacted support again, sent them the screenshot of Revolut’s Twitter msg, and this time they told me that the amount will be reimbursed.

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It’s concerning that not all support staff seem to be aware of known issues, even after Revolut themselves post a tweet about the issue. It’s also disconcerting that customers have to ‘educate’ some support staff about certain issues. Experienced this myself sometimes. Better training and common standards within the support department would be appreciated.

I think I have to be more critical of the star rating I give after an interaction. Quite often I give 5 stars when in fact I’m frustrated and a bit disappointed.


They told me that they are working on a solution, but they are unable to provide me the exact timeframe when this will happen. But after I told them in the chat that my bank want to reclaim the whole payment, they told me: “It would be done shortly”. They have withdrawn a pretty good amount of money from my bank account, so my bank want to take some action on this case.

Ok, it seems that the problem has been officially fixed…

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Hi there.

We are aware of a top-up issue that impacted a small group of our customers. We have been in constant contact with two of our partner payment providers to resolve the issue. No Revolut customers are out of pocket. All our customer’s funds that have been affected have been swiftly reverted.