Payments to foreign bank accounts not on Revolut?

I would like to know :
1/ if it is possible to send from a Business Premium Revolut Account some money DIRECTLY to a bank account of a third party that does not have a Revolut Account.

From Instance from my business REVOLUT account in USD in USA to a bank account in Indonesia in USD.

And also :
2/ is it possible to transfer money from a STRIPE account in USA to my business REVOLUT account?

Many thanks!

That should be possible. Only thing to consider, it will be a SWIFT transfer and will be charged.

Stripe does seem to support bank transfers, but for US accounts only ACH it would seem and not SWIFT. You’d need to contact Stripe to verify if they can handle SWIFT in such a case as well.

Thanks Alessandro, sounds great!

So for question 1, REVOLUT does not charge anything on outgoing transfers, just the receiver bank, correct?

What about transaction fees in between currencies? Do you guys charge a %? Is the exchange rate you use the mid-market one?

Thanks a lot!

Revolut does not, but intermediary banks might as well as the receiving bank.

Not me guys :slight_smile: I am just a regular user :sunglasses:

You mean exchanges within Revolut? These are the official ones, except for weekends (Saturday and Sunday, British time). But Revolut’s help pages should clarify that.

Thanks a lot Alessandro for your help! Have a good day!