Payments to America


Hi I’m going to America soon and would like to prebook some tours. If I pay through my bank account in the UK to America I’ll be charged - can I pay through my Revolut card and not be charged?


If the card is accepted by the travel firm explicitly say they are to charge in US dollars and when they make the withdrawal if you have a shortfall in your USD account it will be topped up from other currencies where you have a balance.
Make sure you have enabled ecommerce payments in your settings.


Hi @gill7170,

If the ATM or card terminal, asks whether you would like to complete the transaction ‘with conversion’ or ‘without conversion’, you should ALWAYS choose ‘without conversion’.

If you choose ‘with conversion’, the merchant or ATM provider can apply their own exchange rate. This rate usually has a mark-up on the interbank rate, enabling the ATM provider or merchant to make a profit on your transaction.