Payments tab

Hi, all I’d like to add this topic because I find that there is plenty of room for improvement in the payments tab.

I am missing the following functionalities:

  1. Attribute aliases to beneficiaries (Ex. I have my three other accounts registered as beneficiaries but each one bear my name so I have no idea which is which and I have to check the account number to find out)

  2. The reference for the payment is very important (bill number, account number, etc) but if you don’t specify it the application does not remind you. Something needs to be done about it.

  3. Templates (from previous payments?) please!

That’s about all for me! Thanks!


This a long awaited feature. Its quite diappointing that such a small and obvious feature is not yet implemented.

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Maybe we should make a list!

Edit: Here’s another

there already is a thread for suggested improvements