Payments not going in

My JSA (unemployment benefit) gets paid into my account every second Wednesday. Hasn’t gone in today yet. Spoke to DWP who are saying it’s been processed. Revolut asking for transaction details, account no etc which the DWP won’t provide as it’s a government agency. Thought revolut would be able to see them from the former transactions as it goes through every two weeks but apparently not. So they’re saying without that info they can’t help. totally stuck and stressed waiting to see if it goes through or not. Sorely tempted just to cancel account now.


I have setup my dwp payments to come to Revolut also. Did you get your payment in the end? Is it longer than other banks or the same time period?



It arrived eventually yesterday. Usually goes in around 2 am the morning before.


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Hi did you ever sort this problem as I am having the same issue been 3 days now and no one has replied on the chat

Did yours eventually go in and what time at been searching everywhere but seems like this bank is such a let down might go back to tsb after this payment