Payments in just one currency


I would like to suggest the feature to allow the customer to pay just in one currency or at least block payments in determined currencies.

This is because I’ve been multiple times in the situation that the cashier pressed “accidentally” the button ‘Pay in GBP’ instead of ‘Pay in EUR’ and due that I lost some money because it charges me more than should be charging me because the currency exange from their banks is not the same than yours.


Oh yes! Great idea. Paypal keep using some pounds and dollars when I want them to use euros. :confused:


Second (third?) this, but the way I’d put it is to somehow make the card always use local currency when there’s a choice instead of popping the question up.


This would be awesome, an option to lock the currency that the card spends on. Maybe could be added to the card Security section…


Just being able to block GBP would be enough.

I know it seems a bit counter-productive for a UK bank to add a feature to block GBP payments, but now that Revolut is expanding into USA and more countries, this would actually be a feature that would make Revolut stand out from all the other fintech banks.
Plus it should be pretty easy to implement.