payments from others ok?


I’m using a global-blue card for purchases abroad (to get VAT back)…
Currently, my connection with them is my banc-account in switzerland - therefore everytime i get a payment, I lose money due to the exchange-rates as all payments are in EUR…

Now, having revolut, I consider changing my global-blue account for paying into my revolut-account…

But as this is not “receiving money from family/friends or other revoult-users” (as mentioned in the FAQ), I’m not sure if this would be a violation of the T&C I signed…

And - maybe thanks to the cryptocurrency-thing, Support is badly overworked… So I thought I ask here first:

a) does anybody know if it’s ok to use the Revolut-Account like a normal Banc-Account (getting money from outside family/self-topping-up)

b) …does anybody have experiences? (does it work, or will the “sender” encounter issues?)

Thanks for any hint to the FAQ-article (if it’s mentioned there but I didn’t find it)…


Disclaimer: I’m still thinking of it - i haven’t done anything yet (if it should be a T&C-violation)

I paid Zalando with SEPA transfer without problem. It just works like any other bank account.

Yes, paying FROM my revolut-acc to xyz is clear…
But receiving from xyz TO (my) revolut-account…?

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It should not be a problem as long as you use the personal IBAN details. Not the pooled account.

Hi Frank,

the technical-aspect of using my personal IBAN is an important one, thanks…

But do you know if this would be against T&C? (Family, Friends - are mentioned… But from “externals”? Not that I run myself into a locked account…)

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…any chance i could get an “official answer”? :wink:

Like they write officially, you can use it for salary, for example. As long as it does not look like you’re using Revolut as a business account, you should not run into problems.


…must have overread this…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Can someone please let me know whether I can receive payments related to cryptocurrencies to the Revolut bank account? (eg: money sending by others when I sell cryptos in a marketplace)

Thank you.