Payments blocked in Argentina

I have enough cash in my account and some small transactions were blocked (each roughly £10) in Argentina. First time I entered PIN and was declined with error code 5 (supposedly a general “decline” error according to my googling). Second time it was swiped and got (01) pedir autorizacion (which means request authorisation). In both cases I then used my Mastercard credit card and it went through fine. How come?

PS between these two events i got cash from an ATM and it was fine

Have you disabled location lock?

If the declined transactions don’t show up in the app, then the POS terminal most likely was an offline terminal which isn’t supported by most prepaid cards like Revolut (offline transactions that is).

If the declined transactions show up in the app they either tell you a reason for the decline, or you can ask the support about the reasons if something is unclear.
Perhaps you tried the transactions during some of the downtimes or something.

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Hey @yossarian88 :slight_smile:

Maybe this could be related to… (?)

or maybe, as @slz said, it’s just that…

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@yossarian88 was this issue solved?