Payment with plastic?


Hi. I have just got my Revolut account. I topped it with 50 PLN and ordered a plastic card. I have uploaded documents to activate it and already connected the card with my Paypal. To do so I had to transfer $1 so I know the account works (at least it seems so).

Next step that I wanted to check was to pay for some minor groceries at local store (a Polish shop Żabka to be exact). And that was a surprise as I got the message that the card was not supported. So the question(s) is (are): do I need to do some further activation of the card somehow or the card is indeed unsupported in some networks? If it’s the second case then where/how can I verify where can I use it?


What kind of payment did you choose? First should be chip and pin (no contactless)


Well, I tried contactless in fact. I’ll try chip/pin tomorrow then. Will the ATM withdrawal do to activate the card? I hate getting refuse at the shop in fact and machine would make it easier… :slight_smile:


Yes, any chip + PIN transaction should activate the card. ATM should work.