payment was refused yesterday ...


a payment to aliexpress was declined yesterday, the application asks me to contact the customer service, despite several mesages no answers … how to solve my problem? if the service of revolut does not work thank you to inform me, my payment is urgent is without answers I will have to transfer my money on another account!
M. Martin


Hey @Brice :slight_smile:

Here are some other ways you can contact :r::


Hi there. Could you please check if your card is enabled and try again now?


Apologies for jumping on the threat. I’ve a payment refused for different reason. There’s no where to include the unique reference number for a funds transfer to coinbase.


I managed to solve my problem, the payment security of the site aliexpress blocked the payment because the country of the payment card did not correspond with the country of delivery, by default the card was defined by the country of delivery!
the payment was made by specifying this parameter manually.
I hope my experience will be useful to others …
(sorry for my english)