Payment was declined but the funds are locked.



A couple of hours ago I tried to pay an order which got declined. My card was locked ( which is odd because I just had paid a couple of different items a few minutes before without any issues ). I unlocked the card and tried to process the payment again, but this time my card got charged even though the seller’s payment system states that the payment failed.

Now I have a couple of hundred euros being withhold that I can’t use. Could someone release the funds so I can try again?

Thank you.


Welcome to the club. There’s been heaps of these issues happening since they’ve had a problem with their payment provider.

They claim all is well now, but it’s clearly not.

They’ve debited over 500 euros from my account which were actually declined transaction.

Revolut support is a joke and have not provided any real help or answers.

The whole thing is shambolic and at this point amounts to theft in my eyes. They cannot explain when they are going to return the monies.


I guess I’ll have to wait for 10 business days. What really annoys me is that I’ve be played like a ping pong ball back and fourth… the merchant says that they didn’t receive the money, revolt tells me they need some sort of authorization/transaction id and a formal e-mail from the merchant to cancel this pending payment.

In the meantime I was left with less 300 euros and will have to wait two weeks to try again. This is a bit ridiculous…


This happened to me and I emailed them and funds were back in my account next day.


What email did you contact?
I’ve been waiting for 6 days and over 500 Euros from two declined transactions


I’ve been using the in app support chat. I feel like a ping pong ball going back and fourth.

The Merchant keeps saying they didn’t accept the payment and it’s cancelled. Revolut support keeps saying that they need a so called autorisation id which the merchant is not aware of.

In the meantime I 300 euros short because of a problem which I’m not responsible for.