Payment to US Bank Account

I’m new to Revolut and I wanted to pay to an American account.
I was wondering if there is any fee’s and is it possible to do this?

The idea is that I have pounds in my Revolut account, convert it to dollars, and send it to the American account.
(Is it necessary to convert it into dollars?)


Hey @prateekewl :slight_smile:

It should be possible. It’s free from :r: side but as it’s a SWIFT transfer there might be fees from intermediary banks which are hard to predict :frowning:

You don’t need to convert it into dollars beforehand, the app will do it when doing the transfer automagically :wink:

Are you sure? How would Revolut know it is an account in USD?

You, of course, need to select the country and currency of destination. But there’s no need to convert the currency beforehand :wink:

Okay perfect. Hope it works.
Do you know how long it would take to recieve the payment to the American account?
Seems like transferring from my current UK bank account to Revolut is taking its time as well…:sweat:

Hey @prateekewl :slight_smile:

Please check this:

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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