Payment to the account in PLN instead of to the account in EUR

I made a mistake and I used IBAN for PLN instead for EUR. I have opened a wallets in PLN and EUR. What will happen with my money now?

What do you mean by payment? Are you talking about a topup of your :r account though a transfer?

Yep, topup by transfer.

So you have transfered EUR from hour Bank to your PLN :r: account?

I think the PLN account would have needed a reference number, right?

To make transfer, I have to use special number in the transfer title, IBAN, BIC, and bank address. One week gone, I haven’t receive money yet. I’m worried :((

Provide support a payment receipt with all the details of the outgoing transfer, like name, account no, etc. for the transfer. They can then investigate. If funds are sent to the wrong wallet, it either bounces back or is going to be converted into the wallets currency. In all cases will this take longer than average.