Payment to credit/debit card (MasterCard MoneySend, Visa Personal Payments)


Hello. In Russia and Ukraine the most common way to pay people is to send money to their credit/debit card. For this you need only long number of destination card. There are some services that can move money from one card to other for a fee with heavy restrictions which usually exclude revolut. Most Russian banks allow to use MomeySend/Personal Payments for free. It is uncommon in other countries but is still used e.g. for Australian GST refunds. It uses MasterCard MoneySend and Visa Personal Payments. It would be nice and useful if Revolut made this feature available for all cards. It would also be very impressive in countries where it’s uncommon


I don’t get it.
On Revolut you can send money instantly to another Revolut user and he/she can access the money in that moment with his/ her card.

In Europe we use to pay people in their bank accounts which is fast and secure and in many cases for free. Money can be also accessed shortly after using a debit card…


Do not forget about where you can send me money from your any card to my revolut wallet :yum:


This would be the opposite of transferring to a friend’s card


You mean a service like, is not it? I’m afraid it would be costly enough. I live in the Czech Republic and most of the banks, although such card payments allow, but for a fee to the recipient.


I see. Depending on the exact details, the fee may be worth it as it avoids multi-hop inefficient payment.