Payment to be received in USD from USA

I want to receive approx 9500 USD from a USA account.
Is there a limit on how much USD I can receive?
Is there bank charges by revolut? Any charges by the US bank to send or intermediaries?

I then want to exchange the USD to Euros, and send them to a bank account in Greece.
Any charges or limits for that transfer?


There is no specific limit for USD, but there is an annual top up limit: more, profile, verification and limits.

Revolut does not charge any fees. But intermediaries might. Ask the sender’s bank for their fees!

Exchange up to 5000 GBP/EUR per month is free. Then there is a small fee.

You can find all this in more detail in Revolt’s help center. :wink:


Hi Frank, how can I confirm the USD has reached my account?
Is there a personal banking telephone line? The money has been sent over a week ago.



there is no phone line, everything is done via the in-app chat. if you haven’t received the transfer yet you can upload the information you have to the chat so CS can find it.

there is a free fx allowance depending on the kind of account you have. any currency exchange beyond that will incur a fee.

there is a weekend exchange fee too, +0.5% for USD/EUR.

and most importantly, you have a top-up limit (how much money can be credited, including refunds, into your account)